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Breast Enhancement Surgery in Nashville/Franklin TN

Breast Augmentation/Implants, Lift/Mastopexy, & Reduction

Breast Surgery
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Dr. Ortega MD: Breast Enhancement Surgeon in TN

Breast enhancement surgery by Franklin’s Dr. Amy Ortega can restore both your figure and your confidence. If you’ve ever passed by the rack at a clothing store and wished you could wear that strapless dress or cute bathing suit, you’re not alone. Many women are familiar with a breast size that is either smaller or larger than the “average” due to heredity, pregnancy, or weight changes. Breasts that are disproportionately sized or sagging may prevent you from being able to wear the clothing you would like to wear and from having complete confidence in your figure and appearance. Dr. Amy Ortega’s specialized fellowship training and extensive experience in breast surgery can help restore your confidence with surgical breast enhancement surgery at her Franklin/Nashville TN plastic surgery practice.

Breast Augmentation: Restore Your Body with a Lift

Dr. Amy Ortega performs breast augmentation surgery to help create or restore a shape and proportion that is appropriate for you. She is well known for taking all the time you need to discuss all the options involved when planning your breast augmentation surgery, to help you make the best decisions for yourself.  Dr. Ortega has many years of experience with silicone gel implants and saline breast implants, various breast implant incisions, and implant placement options. She believes there is no such thing as a “one method fits all” or “cookie cutter” approach, but instead approaches your unique situation, history, and goals with your best outcome in mind in order to guide you to your best possible result. During your consultation, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your preference with regard to size and even try on implants in a bra so you can communicate your size range preference. At our Nashville-area plastic surgery center in Franklin TN, Dr. Ortega will help you make the best decisions possible for yourself, and help you to achieve the best breast augmentation results possible.
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Mastopexy: Augmentation with Implants

At our Nashville/Franklin office, Dr. Ortega can help you determine if an implant is right for you. If you have lost breast volume over time or if you would like to increase your natural breast volume while correcting the sagging of the breasts, then you may benefit from a silicone gel or saline breast implant along with your breast lift. The implant can usually be placed through the breast lift incision so that a second incision is not necessary. During your consult with Franklin Plastic Surgery, you can discuss this option with Dr. Ortega to learn if a breast lift/mastopexy with augmentation/implants is right for you.

At Franklin Plastic Surgery, you can restore youthful shape to your breasts with a breast lift/mastopexy. Many women experience sagging of the breasts over time due to aging, pregnancy, and weight changes. Fortunately, Dr. Ortega’s extensive breast surgery training and experience can help restore your breast shape. Dr. Ortega will review your options during your consult at our Franklin/Nashville TN office. Options may include a breast lift (SPAIR short-scar) with or without breast implants.

SPAIR Short-Scar Breast Surgery: No Implants

Many women are surprised to learn that an implant is not always necessary to restore breast shape. At our Nashville/Franklin office, we see many women who assume that they will have to have an implant to achieve the rounded breast shape they would like to restore. Fortunately, Dr. Ortega is very experienced with SPAIR short-scar breast lifts that incorporate internal breast shaping, which can achieve a nice, rounded breast shape without an implant. During your consult at our office, Dr. Ortega will discuss your goals to determine whether a breast implant is appropriate for you. Our Nashville patients that do not especially want to be larger are often pleasantly surprised to learn that an implant is not necessary.

Dr. Ortega performs SPAIR breast reconstruction surgery for shorter scars and rounded breast shape.

Patients considering breast lift or breast reduction in Tennessee are learning about newer techniques, such as SPAIR. The “SPAIR” procedure is a unique approach to breast surgery initially developed in 1996 by Dr. Dennis Hammond at the Center for Breast and Body Contouring in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The procedure was initially developed to address inadequacies in the then-current methods of breast reduction, which at that time often resulted in long scars prone to poor wound healing and a flat, unnatural breast shape.
The word SPAIR stands for Short-scar Peri-Areolar Inferior Pedicle Reduction. “Short-scar” refers to the smaller, shorter scar formed after the SPAIR procedure as compared to the scar produced by traditional breast reduction techniques. Other breast reduction techniques can result in a much longer scar under the breast, which sometimes has problems healing. With the SPAIR approach the scar will be located around (“Peri”) the colored area of the nipple called the areola (“Areolar”) with one additional scar running down from the areola to the underside of the breast. Another difference between the SPAIR method of breast reduction and some traditional methods is that the SPAIR procedure reduces breast volume by removing tissue from the upper portion of the breast. The lower part of the breast (“Inferior Pedicle”) is then elevated/lifted to produce a rounder, more natural look. A third key advantage of the SPAIR is the internal breast shaping which is accomplished by “sculpting” the remaining breast tissue and by suturing (“stitching”) the tissue on the inside in a very specific way. These sutures cannot be seen on the outside of the breast and therefore do not contribute to a scar, but yet greatly add to the surgeon’s ability to create a beautiful, natural breast shape that tends to last longer than some breast surgery methods.  Our patients from Nashville, Franklin, Columbia, Spring Hill, Mt. Juliet, Hendersonville, Tullahoma, middle Tennessee, and around the world appreciate the option to have shorter scars and a rounded, natural breast shape with the SPAIR method.
Over the years, the SPAIR has evolved into an “approach” to breast surgery rather than a single procedure, and refers to a very thoughtful, three-dimensional artistic approach to managing the breast skin and breast tissue for the optimal result – a breast with minimal scarring and a pretty, more natural shape. In addition to breast reduction, the SPAIR concepts are now applied to breast lift, breast lift with augmentation, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy (removal of the breast due to breast cancer).
Dr. Amy M. Ortega is one of very few surgeons in the country who has been fellowship-trained to perform the SPAIR method of breast surgery. In addition to learning more traditional breast surgery methods during her plastic surgery training from 1997-2002, Dr. Ortega then completed an additional six months of full-time work to develop expertise in breast surgery techniques. During that time, she completed several research studies to advance the field of plastic surgery of the breast and has since been published in internationally recognized plastic surgery journals.

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Video: Breast Lift Nashville TN Franklin Female Plastic Surgeon Amy Ortega MD SPAIR Mastopexy Plastic Surgery Nashville Breast Lift - Franklin Plastic Surgery Mastopexy 100 Covey Drive #207 Franklin TN 37067 (615) 468-0100 Breast Lift Nashville/Franklin Tennessee: SPAIR Mastopexy Plastic Surgery by Nashville plastic surgeon Dr Amy Ortega, female plastic surgeon with offices in Franklin. The SPAIR short scar breast lift/reduction can restore a youthful appearance to the breast after pregnancy, weight changes, and aging with minimal scarring compared to traditional methods. Dr. Amy Ortega is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and specialty trained in breast surgery as well as cosmetic surgery and oculoplastic (eyelids) surgery. Learn more about plastic surgery in Nashville TN on our video website: At our Nashville area office in Franklin, Amy Ortega MD offers cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as breast lift/mastopexy, breast augmentation/implants, tummy tuck/abdominoplasty, liposuction, body contouring, body lift, surgery after massive weight loss (bariatric), breast reduction, facelift, necklift, and eye lift/blepharoplasty.