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Breast Surgery Specialist in Buckhead

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Spring 2004

Breast Surgery Specialist in Buckhead

Dr. Amy Ortega made history by performing the first SPAlR breast surgery operation at Northside Hospital in 2003. The only fellowship-trained SPAIR breast surgeon in the South, she is now in practice at Lenox in Buckhead. Dr. Ortega is a double-fellowship trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a unique combination of subspecialized expertise in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, and oculoplastic (eyelid) surgery. After completing medical school at the University of Texas, Dr. Ortega attended a Michigan State University surgical residency offering an advanced five-year curriculum of combined general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Ortega then completed a fellowship in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery in Michigan, where she gained experience in the SPAIR vertical/short-scar breast surgery procedures. Dr. Ortega is now the first and only surgeon in the southeastern United States with fellowship training in SPAlR breast surgery.She then went on to complete a fellowship in Cosmetic and Oculoplastic Surgery with the Emory-affiliated Paces Plastic Surgery in Atlanta. Dr. Ortega is the only plastic surgeon in the country to have completed both of these prestigious surgical fellowships.

Dr. Ortega is credited with bringing the SPAIR method of breast surgery to Atlanta. The SPAlR is a unique approach to breast surgery, especially well-suited for breast lift and breast reduction, which combines a short-scar method with internal shaping of the breast tissue for a contoured, natural look. SPAlR breast surgery enables the surgeon to accomplish the goals of changing breast size and shape, or reconstructing the breast entirely, with minimal evidence that the surgeon has been there at all.

“The most significant added benefit of the SPAIR is a natural looking breast,” says Dr. Ortega. “Just making a breast smaller, or making it larger, or lifting it isn’t enough. A truly pretty breast isn’t just a certain size but also has a beautiful, rounded contour. Ignoring this premise produces a less than optimal result.”